Why are Family Photo shoots so Important


Family photographs capture, traditions during different festivities & religious events which are unique to them. People want to save special and intimate family moments to cherish in future. Examples include family events like new-born babies, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

These group portraits explore generational ties in a variety of ways, offers an opportunity to tell their distinct stories, create beautiful reminiscence and capture those precious moments of bonding together that may otherwise fade away.

That is the reason we created this complete guide to help you with Family Portraits photography & find you the one who will fill the conditions perfectly.

Essentials to set the Family Photo SESSION

Set the Theme

Depending on the occasion & purpose of family photography, the theme should be decided in advance before the shoot i.e. dress code should be concurred upon along with props.

Location is Important

The motto of this kind of photography is to capture the true family spirit. The location has to be distinct which reflects the family identity. It can be a family ancestral home, studio or any public place.


If it’s an outdoor shoot, avoid the noon time. Early morning or late evenings are preferred. Even slightly cloudy weather makes fantastic clicks.

Perfect or natural

Don’t try too hard to be picture perfect, as little spontaneity, and amusing reactions to interactions will make all the difference between a good and a great photo. Natural-looking photographs demand a relaxed family, hence, don’t be too specific & excessively aware of yourself.

Family Duos

You are looking for emotional and timeless pictures, so take photos of the family, but also make sure you get moments of bonding between father-daughter, mother-son and grandma-kids clicked too.

Managing Kids

Kids desist to follow rules or be attentive, so better let them be themselves. When they are comfortable ask them how they want to pose, and then ask them to pose themselves and finally set them with other family members.

Trends in Family Photography

The family bonds don’t change over time but below are a few current trends in Family group Photography which will help you to choose better portrayals.

  1. Multi Generation-It captures how a family grow & evolves over generations.
  2. Re-enact the old family photo pose by the same family members after a decade or by younger family members.
  3. Vibrant & bright colour scheme for a family photo by choosing bright dress code or bright location i.e. studio
  4. Home is the best location to capture the candid mood of the family. All are at ease in their interactions, thus perfect to shoot for those everyday moments.
  5. Candid & effortless style in casual clothing shines when photos are taken in quick succession.


Fantastic Family Photography can be tough if not done by a professional photographer who has the experience and knowledge to make your photos look amazing, like VIP photography in Vadodara who is one of the best Family photographers.

Professional Family Photography involves sincere communications with families & building rapport along with knowing the technical details of photography. In case you are looking for professional Family photographers then your search stops at the VIP photography studio.

Try out a few of the above guidelines & ideas in your next family photo shoot for a memorable outcome.


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